ToQuarter C# DateTime Extension

I searched on the internet for a quick way to get the Quarter from a DateTime, but I didn’t really find anything useful, so I created this quick extension that seems to work great!  I just wanted to share this to save someone time so they don’t waste the same amount of time that I did.  I am thinking about putting together an open source library to handle many other things like this, what are your thoughts about this?


    public static class DateTimeExtensions
        public static int ToQuarter(this DateTime dt)
            int qtr = -1;
            if (dt.Month >= 1 && dt.Month <= 3)
                qtr = 1;
            else if (dt.Month >= 4 && dt.Month <= 6)
                qtr = 2;
            else if (dt.Month >= 7 && dt.Month <= 9)
                qtr = 3;
            else if (dt.Month >= 10 && dt.Month <= 12)
                qtr = 4;

            return qtr;



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