Must have applications for software development 2021 Version

I wanted to update my list of must have software for development, mostly to remember what I am currently using.

These are listed in no particular order:

  • Visual Studio 2019 (Why don’t they call this VS 2021?)
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Jetbrains Resharper Ultimate–  I currently don’t use this, but when I did it was great.
  • Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare (V4) I pay for this out of my own pocket because it is so good.
  • Linqpad Pro I don’t currently use this, but it is very useful for working out algorithms interactively, and I am sure I never used this to it’s fullest extent.
  • WinSCP for terminal sessions into a UNIX box.
  • LastPass – For password management! It is great for keeping all testing passwords and usernames.
    TreeSize Pro – When you need to find space on your machine, this is great to slice and dice your space to find what to delete.
  • Snagit – The best screen capture out there.  If you want a free app, I used Greenshot before I got Snagit and it was pretty great also.
  • Notepad++ – a great free editor.
  • VS Code – Microsoft’s editor, and you can add lots of free plug-in’s to extend the functionality. This is used by me to edit and format JSON files, and profile files mostly
  • Chrome – My go to browser.  It hosts some great plugins for me such as Feedly, Lastpass, and Advance Rest Client
  • Postman – To test rest clients.
  • Ditto – a great free clipboard manager.  Somewhat better than ClipX that I have tried.
  • Fork – A visual git client that is dead simple
  • Windows Terminal – To do my command line git commands. Also it is very handy to set up PowerShell based alias commands to do the repetitive things.
    • To get to that type “code $profile”
  • Dbeaver – The best java app I have ever used. It is much easier to use than SSMS. when browsing data. it can link to related tables really easy, where you would write a lot of queries in SSMS to find the same info

Extensions for Visual Studio 2019

Here are the plug-ins I currently have installed for Visual Studio 2019

  • Sonarlint for Visual Studio 2019 – has a lot of great suggestions for improving code
  • JavaScript prettier – reformats your JavaScript and TypeScript code. I had to install this in order to be able to merge with a co-worker. It is pretty cool, but really makes a lot of lines of code. I would suggest seeing if the max column width could be expanded to 120, I think the default is like 80.
  • Codemaid – Great for cleaning code, reformatting and reorganizing code in alphabetical order
  • Close Tabs to Right – This is an awesome tool that will close down development tabs to the right or left of current document
  • Editor Guidelines – This puts a very small red line at the column you choose to gently remind you to press return in your code and your line won’t get too long. I choose 120 as my point.
  • Spell Checker – Checks spelling in code and comments. Not foolproof in all instances, but it helps a lot

VS Code Extensions

These are the code extensions that I have installed. Some of them are for PrimeNg and Angular others are for CSV Files Javascript/Typescdript

code --install-extension alexiv.vscode-angular2-files
code --install-extension
code --install-extension christian-kohler.path-intellisense
code --install-extension CoenraadS.bracket-pair-colorizer-2
code --install-extension esbenp.prettier-vscode
code --install-extension
code --install-extension infinity1207.angular2-switcher
code --install-extension jchannon.csharpextensions
code --install-extension jmrog.vscode-nuget-package-manager
code --install-extension johnpapa.Angular2
code --install-extension Leopotam.csharpfixformat
code --install-extension mechatroner.rainbow-csv
code --install-extension ms-dotnettools.csharp
code --install-extension ms-mssql.mssql
code --install-extension ms-vscode.powershell
code --install-extension ms-vscode.vscode-typescript-tslint-plugin
code --install-extension msjsdiag.debugger-for-chrome
code --install-extension PKief.material-icon-theme
code --install-extension rafaelsalguero.csharp2ts
code --install-extension SimonSiefke.prettier-vscode
code --install-extension yigitfindikli.primengsnippets

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