Ninject – Dependency Injection

I wanted to learn about Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.  I found a few good videos on YouTube and a nice tutorial on a blog.  The Blog Post was in two parts: Part 1: Part 2: Here are the links to the YouTube videos that I found that were helpful: Tekpub Concepts: Dependency […]

Lyndsey and Cale’s Wedding

Well, my daughter got married in November and here are some links to  some of the fantastic pictures that Jessica Nadine Photography did . A few of the engagement photos. Some from the wedding.

Don’t use admin for your wordpress blog

Today, I removed the “admin” user from my WordPress blogs.  There is a bot that is hacking passwords by “Brute” force.  That means that they are using “admin” and a dictionary of passwords and trying millions of times, until they gain access to your blog. My password keeper, LastPass, has more information about it in this blog […]