Today is 12/12/12.  The last of a series of cool dates this year.  If you are close to me, you might know that I like these kinds of numbers for some very odd reason.  It probably has something to do with me being a computer programmer. Have a great rest of your day.  What are […]

Jazz Playlist for Halloween

My wife found this playlist at http://www.hiphipgingin.com/2011/10/25/spooky-swing/ and I could not comment on the post for some reason, but I wanted to share this iTunes Mix to save some people some time if they wanted.  Follow this link to purchase the whole list quickly from iTunes.  https://c.itunes.apple.com/us/imix/spooky-swing-jazz-halloween/id575080586

Converting Oracle Comments to SQL Server.

I downloaded some code a recently that creates an Oracle Database, but I don’t have Oracle, so I converted most of the code to SQL Server.  One of the harder things to convert was the column and table comments.  One of the features of Oracle that Microsoft SQL Server does not have directly is commenting. […]


Hello, if you have come here, you are probably wondering what this site is all about.  Well, I don’t do much here, except to use this  for our email.    Hopefully soon, I will start blogging about my photography hobby or to promote some software that I have in my mind to create.