Proper case a string using RegEx in Javascript, except for words in parenthesis

Today I had to find a way to proper case a string, except anything that is in parenthesis.  That sounds like a mouthful, so to clarify, I wanted to turn “JAVASCRIPT ROCKS (JS)” into “Javascript Rocks (JS)”, so I created a regular expression to do this task in an Adobe LiveCycle form.

I learned that […]

Adding a solution to TFS without adding the NuGet packages.

I was adding a project that I just completed to TFS source control and noticed that it wanted to add the packages to source control also, but I didn’t want that because you are not supposed to add the NuGet packages.  They can be re-downloaded and installed during the build process for anyone that does […]

Converting Oracle Comments to SQL Server.

I downloaded some code a recently that creates an Oracle Database, but I don’t have Oracle, so I converted most of the code to SQL Server.  One of the harder things to convert was the column and table comments.  One of the features of Oracle that Microsoft SQL Server does not have directly is commenting. […]